marapets mps hack

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marapets mps hack

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:49 am

here i will tell you the mps hack to be rich

ok when marapets is updating it will say and then go to club make one and then put mps in to the club then you will the mps in club and bank just keep doing it for unlimited mps.

this works ive tried it but only when updating and may get banned so here is way you might not get banned.

just tell someone on marapets ill give you 6 mill if you send my mate 6 mill then give the guy the 12 mill then he keeps 6 and then he sends your mate 6 your old accout might get banned but your new accout who is your mates accout might not just send the mps in trade .

i have never tried this way


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